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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Whilst all sprinkler specialists use the same specification of equipment, the design methods used in fire sprinkler systems can vary considerably.  J P Fire Protection Systems Ltd harnesses a huge pool of fire protection experience and expertise to analyse each Fire Sprinkler System and can offer several different designs to deal with specific hazards.  The client is then free to evaluate each option and select the design that provides the most optimum fire safety solution.   All types of fixed Fire Protection Systems are designed, supplied, manufactured and installed by us to meet current standards and legislation.  Calculations, flow tests and system modifications can be provided to meet your company's needs.

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JP Fire Protection Systems Ltd

Domestic & Residential Sprinklers have proved themselves as an effective means of providing fire protection when activating at a crucial point early in the fire's progress. 

J P Fire Protection Systems Ltd have for many years realised the effectiveness of fire sprinkler systems when planned into the fire strategy and emergency planning of new homes and businesses.

In the unwanted event of a fire, the sprinkler system will detect the fire and by doing so triggering a signal to the local fire service, the sprinklers instantly activate and start to dampen the fire & cool the area down while the Fire Services are on their way, thus preventing exessive fire damage to the property and also saving lives in the meantime.

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JP Fire Protection Systems Ltd

Commercial Fire Sprinklers

We can Design, Supply, Install and Maintain all types of Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems from OH1 to OH3 through to Special Risk Projects.

Give us a call and allow us to assist with your Fire Protection needs.

We can also carry out a Fire Risk Assessment of your premises and advise on what appliances you need, or any shortfalls you may have with your present system to keep you up to date with the current Regulations


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